Dorset weekend - Sunday morning

We could only spend 2 nights in our lovely snug rented cottage as we all had work on Monday. I had booked Sunday lunch at the local pub, but we would need a walk before we tucked into our lamb. The kids and I had gone on a short walk after breakfast, around the church and a smallholding, but we needed more than that. I had noticed a signpost to 'Lambert's Castle' on the way into Hawkchurch.
This proved a good place for a walk and the site of an ancient hill fort. On our way we played 'disc golf', a game using frisbees of different weights for clubs and objects like 'a tree' for holes. We also met a lady walking wolves (no pictures I am afraid), alsatians crossed with timber wolves, who apparently could make a meal of a small dog. Luckily Hettie is not small and the wolves were on leads. They were elegant animals and had the lope of a wolf. I used the D800e for these pictures as I was getting withdrawal symptoms.


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