Christmas Day chez McGilveray

We had family with us for Christmas - Mairi, Hugh, Lizzie, Rene (Alan's mum) and Sheila a friend from the village.
I had spent the morning on preparations and was feeling a little stressed by the time we came to serving up. As soon as the first plates had been loaded we noticed that the dog Hettie had disappeared. Hettie is very set in her ways and does not like any change in routine, so more people in the house along with lots of laughter and an alteration  in the dining room furniture was obviously too much for her. Alan and Hugh both had kilts on but went out to search, Hugh along the stream bank where he got nettled! The girls sat down to eat but I couldn't face it so Mairi and I went out in the car, leaving Sheila and Rene alone for dinner! Sheila is a great dog lover anyway, that's how I met her, and she too was anxious. An hour and a half later Mairi and I drove up a farm entrance and saw the poor bedraggled dog walking down the road towards us. She was pleased to get into the car and we drove her home triumphantly. Christmas dinner was served late, after much microwaving!
We settled down for Christmas presents after we had eaten only to have a power cut! Gas lamps and candles were pressed into service and a couple of hours later service was resumed.
Most of the pictures were taken by Alan, I was too busy flapping.


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