In camera effects

I was encouraged by watching Doug Chinnery's video from 'On Landscape' (a great publication - unlike any other magazine) to go out and try some things for myself. Doug explains that it takes a large number of pictures to get anything truly satisfactory from ICM (intentional camera movement) technique but I did get one I liked from this first foray. I also have a pinhole adapter for my Lensbaby and I used this to get some different effects. I do not know that I have the heart at the moment to try film pinhole. But this does give a very special finish.
With such an output of superb, perfectly sharp from front to back, landscape photographs, it is refreshing to do something a bit different. Also the lack of clarity lends a certain aura to the photograph. The third picture had also been edited in Snapseed (picture 4) to add some texture, although I am building up a good library of my own textures so that I can use these instead of an off the shelf solution.


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