Scotland autumn 2016, trip down to Harris

We intended getting to Harris by the end of the day, but we were determined that our trip out from the Uig peninsula should be as interesting as possible.
At Camas Uig we stopped the van next to a large wooden replica of one of the Lewis chessman. This Viking chess set was found in a small stone chamber at the top of the beach in 1831. The pieces, which had been carved from walrus teeth, are thought to have been made in the 12th century, during the period when the Vikings ruled Scotland. The set is in the British Museum, not a popular place for exhibition with the Scots.
We walked down to the dunes on the beach, presumably it was this shifting sand that had disclosed the treasure.

Retracing our steps to the main road we came across a little stream and waterfall which I stopped to photograph from a slightly precarious position balanced on the rocks at the side.

As you can see the weather was quite dark, although not actually raining and we made a spurt to reach Tarbert, with a slight distraction from a sign in Miavaig, which read 'hand dived scallops for sale'. The scallops were to be found in a hut with an honesty box. And very good they were too.
We passed Loch Seaforth and made Tarbert by lunchtime. Parking at the harbour, we passed a few words with the camper we had met on Reef beach who was helping to board cars on to the outgoing CalMac ferry. He was not enjoying his return to the ratrace!

After lunch we drove up to North Harris and the mountains, passing the old whaling station at Ardhasaig. Stopping in a car park we took the lonely walk up into the mountains at Gleann Mhiabhaig, following a little stream. We did not take Hettie the dog as we knew she would not manage it, so she was left snoozing in the van. The information board promised sightings of golden eagles but on this overcast day very little wildlife at all was seen. We got as far as a bird hide where we stayed briefly before returning.
We drove to the end of this quiet road, which gives up the ghost in Huisnis, on a wide sandy bay. We found a place to stay the night in between a couple of other campers in a small car park next to the public conveniences! Huisinis was to become my all time favourite beach.


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