Venice day 6, Il Redentore and a trip to the railway station

On coming out of the gallery we boarded a vaporetto for the short distance to the island of Guidecca as we wanted to visit the church of Redentore. This is another large baroque church, built again to commemorate the city's liberation from the plague of 1576. It is more interesting inside than Santa Maria della Salute, or so I thought.
We were returning to the UK in the morning and, rather than travel back to the airport on the bus, we thought we would get the launch that goes across the lagoon, straight in to the terminal. This involved going up to the railway station to buy the tickets. The vaporetto took us most of the way and then we had to cross the modern bridge, the Ponte Callatrava to get inside the station. We purchased our tickets, by which time it was dark. The launch was not much fun by the way. The passengers have to sit pressed together downstairs and there is no view.
After supper I went out to photograph the alleys again, my last opportunity, but I will post these pictures tomorrow.


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