The long journey home

On the Monday morning we left Paris early (6.00am) so as to be away before the commuter rush started on the Peripherique. We were not catching a ferry till 8.00pm but wanted to have a leisurely drive back through northern France, stopping when it took our fancy and avoiding the autoroute.
The road passed through avenues of poplars and flowering trees, over the vasty fields of France, and we eventually stopped in a village where we found an abandoned factory.This was the Sucrerie de Franciere, where presumably sugar beet would have been processed. I have added texture to the pictures of this building as befits it.
Lunchtime saw us by the shores of the Somme where Alan saw an otter and I took some 'arty' photographs. Finally Alan saw a swallow - our first of the year and it is his picture.


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