Travelling with my Camera

In a weeks time I am leaving for a month in Peru and Bolivia. I will be fairly roughing it - staying in hostels, and also doing the Inca Trail up to Machu Picchu which takes about 4 days.
I have thought long and hard about what to take with me equipment wise and how best to pack it from a carrying and security stance.
I decided not to take the camera bag as it is a bit obvious. So I bought a camera and lens insert from Pacsafe and I have placed this in an old rucksack, which does have a built in rain cover. I have also bought a couple of padlocks and a gizmo for attaching the bag to a table leg if I am in a cafe.

This is the rather battered rucksack. It does have velcro bands at the back (I think originally for carrying an ice axe - hope I don't need one of those) but I can use this to attach the tripod when I am trekking.

This is what I have managed to cram inside, with room for a paperback and travel documents for journeys. On the right is the camera insert.

This comprises of my Nikon D800e with 24-70mm zoom attached, a Nikon G f4.0 16-35mm zoom lens, Nikon 70-200mm f2.8 zoom lens, 50mm f1.4 and 1.7x converter, ND and graduated filters + polaroid filter. Optech rain hood, trek towel for drying equipment (it is still rainy season), three spare batteries, remote control, lens cleaner, lens pen and puffer. Finally a Lensbaby Composer and a nice coloured makeup bag which has two compartments, one for free and one for used media. 
I have 200Gb memory in compact flash and SD cards. At 50mb a picture these will not last a month ( I built up a store of CF cards when I went to Nepal a couple of years ago).
A few weeks ago I discussed the use of the Cloud FTP to download on to a portable drive or iPad. As the transfer turned out to be really slow I bought a second hand Samsung NC 110 netbook for £150 which I upgraded to 2Gb RAM.. I have a 500Gb portable hard drive already. I can use the netbook for reading etc and leave the iPad at home. Also I can upload the photos on to the computer and back them up on to the hard drive. I have a small card reader to take.

So here is all the electronic stuff which I can fit into the rucksack.

So I hope that I can manage the walking with all this kit. My let out is that I am meeting my daughter over there. She might find she has to take her turn in carrying the load!


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