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Outside Tate Modern

A few pictures from the locale of Tate Modern.

Inside Tate Modern

I paid a visit to Tate Modern to see the Giacometti exhibition and ended up spending the day there. It is a fantastic place for photography, especially the new Blavatnik building with it's concrete structure. I started in the Tanks area and then, after a coffee went over to see the Giacometti where you are not supposed to take pictures, although I did sneak in a couple. I then went round the general galleries before returning to the Blavatnik building and going up to the viewing area at the top. I saw a Giacometti exhibition on the Sainsbury Centre at Norwich University last year. Although there was not quite the amount of major works it was a more interesting than the Tate exhibition.
Starting in the Tanks, I have put the information boards up underneath the art pieces where appropriate. There was a magnificent rendition of Thomas Tallis,  Motet for Forty Voices, engineered by Janet Cardiff with Salisbury Cathedral Choir. Each singer had been miked separately and had their own s…